Tele Reminders

Bringing Clients Back

There’s marketing for new business and there’s marketing for existing clients. We call it Reminding.

Every company needs to keep repeat purchasing high

The problem some companies have

The time between purchases is so long that it is easy for the client to forget.

There is, therefore, a risk that the buyer will forget and then buy somewhere else.

These are some examples:

  • Car MOT’s – owners are no longer reminded by the DVLA.
  • Eye tests – can be one or two years apart.
  • Gas heating boiler servicing – an annual requirement.
  • Membership renewals for clubs/associations – an annual requirement.
  • Tree surgery – one to three years apart.
Tele Reminders
Tele Reminders

So, what do most companies do?

The first option is do nothing and trust that the clients come back – typically, plumbers and tree surgeons.

The second option is to carry on doing what you’ve always done and send out the tired renewal letters but don’t follow them up – typically, golf clubs and opticians.

Neither of these options is an effective marketing technique.

So, what is the solution?

So long as you have dated records of past clients purchase occasions there is a very effective marketing technique and it is Tele Reminders

You can do this or if you haven’t the time we can do it for you

By ringing up and talking to the client you underline the point that you provide a personal service and that the client is important to you.

Tele Reminders
Tele Reminders

How can you do it with ease?

Rather than increase your own work load employ BHT who already have experience of Tele Reminding.

There is no charge unless we make a booking – £14 to £17 per booking.

Tele Reminding is very effective 

  • Firstly, increases bookings by 25%
  • Secondly, it can bring purchasing forward by up to 2 months
  • Thirdly, it builds more personal relationships with your client base
  • Finaly, it can protect you from predator chains

In Summary

If you want to provide a very personal service to your clients and in so doing become safe from the clutches of the large predatory chains, then Tele Reminding is for you.

It’s personal, caring and gets your clients booked back in – where they belong – repeat buying!

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