LinkedIn Marketing

Turbo-charged, targeted and focused marketing

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn Marketing uses a progressive combination of social media messaging, e-mail follow-up and telephone conversations to achieve a growth in the market’s awareness of you and your services/products and gradually achieve a steady flow of appointments.

No single marketing technique can provide such an effective market penetration.

Contacts are made, relationships are developed, information is exchanged, telephone contact is made, and appointments are made.

What to do next

Employ the BHT team to conduct your:

  • On-line market research
  • On-line messaging,
  • On-line linkups
  • Emailing follow-up
  • Telephone follow-up
  • Organization of your first meeting.

A Typical LinkedIn Marketing Briefing Agenda

Now the LinkedIn Marketing can start

This technique is multi-layered:

  • Finding the appropriate companies to link you with on-line
  • Reaching out to these prospects with a valid reason
  • Linking up with interested contacts
  • Following up each new contact with more information
  • E-mail messaging each contact when appropriate
  • Conducting telephone conversations when appropriate
  • Appointment booking when the prospect wishes it

Each one of these processes is happening everyday so that each campaign grows your sphere of influence and progresses steadily towards appointments.

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