Tele Marketing

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All companies use a variety of marketing techniques,

Tele Marketing is a main-stream marketing technique now that GDPR has limited email marketing

Tele Marketing

What is Tele Marketing?

Up to 15 companies can be talked to every hour using tele marketing.

No other marketing technique can gather market response at that speed.

In addition, relationships can be developed, information can be sent and sales meetings can be arranged. Therefore, making tele marketing one of the most effective marketing technique available to businesses today.

So, what to do?

Firstly, employ a BHT team of well-spoken, courteous and experienced tele marketers.

Secondly, they become an extension of your marketing department.

Thirdly, we have a briefing and information gathering meeting.

Here is a typical agenda for that meeting.

Tele Marketing

A Typical Tele Marketing Briefing Agenda


Tele Marketing

Then the Tele Marketing can start!

We recommend campaigns between 10 and 20 hours/month depending on targets and budgets.

Every call is logged, coded and notes are made.

Therefore, by using our codes we can compile statistics and monitor each campaign.

In addition, we have been coding and compiling statistics for 23 years, and always in the same way.

Therefore we can see if a campaign is running within normal parameters.

Above all, if a campaign runs off course we will use our experience to bring it back on track.

Here is a typical example of one of our monthly reports.

A Monthly Report

Campaign Report Week Ending 1 Feb
For Week 6 of 13
XYZ Company
Contacts on Database 533
Telephone Calls 800
Level of Interest Code Numbers %age
Appointments APP 5 1
Telephone Appointments T/APP 15 3
On File/Interest up to 6 mths OF/I 30 6
Send Information – not spoken to DM SI 10 2
Send Information/Follow – spoken to DM SIF 6 1
On File/Follow – over 6 months OF/F 10 2
Resend/Follow R 5 1
Unable to Talk to after 2 calls F 183 34
Not Interested NI 219 41
Wrong Data WD 50 9
TOTAL 533 100

* DM = Decision Maker

Now this is the really exciting bit!

After about 800 calls have been made, we’ve got a good enough sample to be able to trust the statistics.

Firstly, we compile a report of the total campaign to date.

Secondly, we benchmark your campaign. (In the report above, you’ll notice the “Interest within 6 months” and “Total Interest” lines are shaded blue – these are benchmarks).

Therefore, from this moment you will know how the rest of the campaign is going to go because we  guarantee future performance in writing –

BHT will match or exceed the benchmark every month – or work until they do at no extra cost to the client.

Therefore you will be able to forecast how many meetings there will be and how many sales!

In conclusion, BHT is the only Tele Marketing Agency to do this.


Tele Marketing

Tele Marketing Examples

The Software Reseller

The target: to sell an upgrade for a very important piece of engineering software

Current marketing: a one page advert in a monthly trade magazine.

Result ; little reaction & their position as software re seller was in jeopardy.

BHT recommend ringing the magazine distribution list.

Firstly, we drew attention to the advertisement and that there was a software upgrade.

Secondly, we asked if they would be interested in a demonstration of the upgrade.

The result: meetings booked, a massive jump in sales.

In conclusion, a year later the owners were able to sell their business for a tidy sum.

The Optician

The Target: To compete with the national chains who were stealing patients on price.

Current marketing: sending impersonal, unliked, eye-test reminder letters with no follow-up.

Result: take-up was poor.

BHT recommended: calling patients on the telephone to see if they would like to book in for their eye-test.

Because we recognise that the USP of the small Optician is friendly personal service.

The result: patients loved getting the calls, Above all they described as a “lovely personal touch.”

In conclusion, Eye-test numbers jumped by 26% and consequently, sales of spectacles went up too.

In Conclusion

If you need more sales prospects for the next 12-18 months you need tele marketing.

If your sales are falling away for instance, then you need the personal touch of tele marketing.

And you need Tele Marketing that has:

  • Over 23 years experience.
  • Professional, well-spoken operatives
  • Statistics and provides monthly reports.

“If you think professionals are expensive, wait and see how much amateurs cost you.”

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