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Tele Marketing Campaigns Made Simple.

If you need more clients.

By using BHT  Tele Marketing you will identify potential clients.

Your sales pipeline will begin to take shape with immediate, medium and long-term interest.

The result will be a list of companies who may become your clients.

Consequently, you can make more detailed and accurate sales forecasts and you can reasonably expect good growth.

BHT What We Do Tele Marketing
BHT What We Do Call Handling

Always In With Call Handling.

When you can’t take calls.

Our well-spoken, courteous and experienced handlers take them for you.

They email the messages to you within minutes of the call.

We provide cover for office hours and 24/7.

Fee structures for every eventuality.



The targeted marketing technique for brand growth

If you are looking to expand your brand reach you need Dig-e-Tel©

Dig-e-Tel© uses the power of social media, e-mail marketing and telemarketing in a progressive combination.

In today’s world more and more people are having to work from home and so an ideal way to contact each of them is by using a business-based social media platform to make initial contact and offer your services.

What does Dig-e-Tel© do?

It finds and increases contact numbers, identifies those who are interested, develops a prospect relationship which becomes an opportunity pipeline, and eventually books sales appointments.

Dig-e-Tel© is a medium to long-term marketing technique.

If you are looking to rebuild your contact list or simply to extend your reach and build more opportunities for sales, then Dig-e-Tel© is what you need.


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