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An Agency based on honesty, integrity & quality

The History Behind BHT


 wife and husband team who wanted to create a Tele Marketing Agency based on honesty, integrity and quality that would continually develop new services around the use of the telephone.

BHT was founded in October 1997, by Christine and Colin Bonham-Horton. They had a genuine desire to provide a better level of service than they had personally received from telemarketing agencies.

“Our dream was to establish a telemarketing company that clients could trust, based on an honest assessment of each campaign, straight talking at the sales meeting, high quality service and results that are real.”

So the first years were spent learning how it all worked. They gathered information, stumbled from time to time and suffered a few sleepless nights, as new businesses will inevitably do. They were always learning and thinking how they might improve the service whilst building a solid reputation of reliability. 25 years later they are still learning and developing as you’ll see in this website.

BHT Who We Are

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Never were two people so aptly suited for their respective roles.

Colin Bonham-Horton
Colin Bonham-HortonCo-Founder
Colin specialises in Marketing and financial management of the business. He has more years’ experience than he’d like to admit to in marketing and telephone marketing.

In his spare time Colin is first and foremost a family man, pottering in the garden, occasionally strumming his guitar and walking round a golf course trying to look more professional than he actually is.

Roles: Marketing, Finances, Tele marketing, Start-up & SME advisor/Mentor

Christine Bonham-Horton
Christine Bonham-HortonCo-Founder
Christine specialises in all telephone related work, training and running the operation. She doesn’t admit to the years of customer service, tele marketing and call handling experience.

In her spare time Christine enjoys family time, baking, knitting and cooking. She has a unique sense of humour that others appreciate every now and then!.

Roles: Operations, Campaign design, Tele marketing

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