The Secret Sauce that is Tele Reminders

In this article we will discuss how you can solve one of the most common business problems. I will explain how it can be achieved by using the secret sauce that is tele reminders. Firstly, I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. So, what are tele reminders? Telephone reminders are used by businesses to gently and politely remind their customers that they are due for another visit. This can be used for things like MOT’s, eye tests, dentist appointments and much more. Now we can dive into the common problem most business face and how to solve it.

Why won’t my customers re-book?

Lots of companies have a business model that includes a level of repeat business; examples are garages with MOT’s, opticians with eye tests, golf courses with membership renewals and so on. Most of these businesses have a common issue; a lot of their customers don’t come back. They provided an amazing service, there product is fantastic and they can’t work out why their customers just don’t come back. They have tried appointment cards, they have tried reminder postcards with cute babies on them but nothing has really worked.

Most companies will chalk this up to how the industry works, however, here at BHT Marketing, we know better. I am about to explain to you how tele reminders are the secret sauce your company is missing.

The Secret Sauce Solution

When it comes to reminder marketing businesses have three simple options.

  1. Do nothing and hope the customers come back
  2. Send out letters and postcards to remind customers
  3. Use tele reminders

Most businesses pick option one or two and cross their fingers. These are both examples of passive marketing and will have a limited return on investment because they rely on the customer to do something. However tele reminders are an active marketing approach saving the customer the bother of remembering and then doing something and therefore have a much higher success rate.

So, how can your business start using tele reminders? All you need is a database of all your customers with their contact details including phone number and last date of purchase. Then one month before your customer is due for his or her appointment you give them a call and remind them about the appointment and ask if you can book them in. This can, of course, be done in-house. However, not every business has this resource available and therefore we recommend using an external agency.

When selecting an agency you must insure that they are well spoken professionals with experience in tele reminders. You should give them access to your online booking system, as well as any other resources they will need.


In conclusion, the solution to your companies re-booking problem is tele reminders. With tele reminders your business will increase its customer retention and improve your annual profitability.

Get started with tele reminders

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