The common problem

Most small businesses suffer from the same obstacle. They have a good product/service but can’t seem to find a good way of getting in front of people to describe and sell what they do.

They know that if they can meet people, they have a 1 in 3 chance of making a sale, and it is a very frustrating feeling knowing that and being unable to fulfil that potential.

What’s the Solution?

The answer is simple and complex, all at the same time.

Put simply, the answer is – marketing.

The complexity is when you are trying to decide which marketing technique will get you to where you want to be.

As you already know there are many and varied marketing techniques, all of which are promoted with eloquence and persuasion.

So here is an evaluation of the techniques

  • Digital marketing, advertising, websites, email marketing, social media.
    These are what we describe as passive marketing techniques. That is to say, they are sent out into the marketplace and rely on someone seeing and reading them and before acting on what they have seen. This is a lot of reliance and accounts for the low response rates.
  • Exhibitions, Telemarketing.
    These are dynamic marketing techniques and involve physically being there and talking to people.

If your product/service has a high-ticket value, then this is probably the way to go to market. It facilitates the display of your company and product/service and gives your salespeople the opportunity to talk to and convert potential clients.
Typical examples are the car shows and the boat shows.
The downside of exhibitions is that they are usually very time consuming and very expensive.
If your ticket value is much lower the way to go would be to tele market or employ an agency to ring and book appointments for you.

The principle is simple:

      • an enquiry is made of the target contact if they use or would need to use your service/product now or in the next 12 months.
      • If the answer is no, then that’s that.
      • If the answer is yes, it can be ascertained whether they are looking to change and/or when they would like to consider a competitive quote.
      • Unless they want to book an appointment, the call ends there.

If done correctly, telemarketing will provide you with valuable information about who is in the market and when is the best time to recontact to take matters further.

As you can see there is absolutely no selling involved in this process, it is just collecting information.

BHT Marketing has been doing this since 1997 and has helped numerous companies find and become suppliers to many new companies. Indeed, in one instance, the business became so successful that the two owners were able to sell it. Unfortunately, that spelt the end of our relationship as the company that bought it had their own telemarketing team!

If you can see how this approach could benefit your business but don’t want to spend the time doing it yourself, just call us on 0808 172-1900 and we will do it for you.

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional
Wait and see how much it costs when you hire an amateur”