In today’s economic environment everything has to be justified.

Consequently, you will need to find a formula that will prove that your decision to use a particular marketing technique was the right one.

Now, I know a lot about telemarketing, its costs, and its success percentages, but I know a lot less about other marketing techniques.

The most sensible thing for me to do, then, is to work out a formula, which you could then apply across the marketing spectrum when you are trying to decide which technique to employ for your product/service.

Contract Value

Firstly, you need to know the value of an average contract for your business. In our telemarketing world and annual contract would range between £3,960 to £7,920.

Success Rate

The second thing you need to know is for previous marketing campaigns how many new contracts did you win on average.
In telemarketing, that would be between 4 and 9 new clients, using a conservative estimate.

Campaign Cost

Finally, you need to know how much that campaign will cost. In the case of telemarketing the cost is, £3,960 and £7,920.

Success Value

Let’s take the smaller contract and assume we win the 4 clients. We would have spent £3,960 to gain 4 new contracts each worth £3,960 – a yield of £15,840 – a ratio of 1 to 4.

Those figures are based on 10 hours per month marketing plus a monthly report to gain 4 contracts worth exactly the same.

Maintain the Effort

A very important point to make here is that marketing should be a constant and by that, I mean that you start it and run it through its duration.

We often get potential clients asking if they can do a couple of weeks at 1 hour a week and then see how it goes, and the short answer is “No”.

Marketing is about building up momentum, and a presence in the market place, and being able to follow people up and send follow emails, etc,etc..

So, if you decide to conduct a marketing campaign make sure you do the little bit of math detailed above and then stick with your decision and go for it.

If you need any help with your marketing please don’t hesitate to call us 0808-172-1900. There is no pressure just a helping hand with your decision.