You are already writing monthly blogs and social media messages for each working day of the week and you are making sure that each one carries the company phone number and the website address.

The third marketing step is Digital Marketing

Bearing in mind that you don’t want to spend much until client money starts to come in you need to do find time to do this yourself.

Like the telemarketing, that I hope you are now undertaking, allocate an hour each day.

To start with you’ll need to subscribe to LinkedIn Navigator, so this is an external cost, of approximately £70 per month plus VAT.

Navigator will give you access to targeted databases, so select:

  • A market you want to target – this will download a list, then select:
    • The geographic region you want to target.
    • The age of the company, if relevant.
    • How many people in the company, if relevant
    • The job title of the contact you want to reach – there may be several

Now you have a list of possibly interested contacts
Now you need to write your messages

Message 1
This introduces your company, so do not sell. You only have 300 characters, including spaces so make your introduction and leave your website address.

Here’s a fictitious example:
Hello XXXXX,
I would like to introduce XYZ company, founded in 1987. We provide Airconditioning systems, Extraction systems and Air filtration units.
0ur website address is –
If we can be of help either now or in the future please link.
Regards Charlie

That’s 268 characters, including spaces.

Your reply message
You will have between 10 – 25% link up, so you need a second message.

Here’s a fictitious example:
Hello again, XXXXX
Thanks for linking up.
If you would like to talk about any of our services, just call us on xxxxx-xxxxxx or drop me a note, and I will call you.
By the way, watch out for our blogs and messages here on LinkedIn.
With kind regards

Now you’re ready to start sending out messages

Click on each name in your downloaded list and if you want to send them a message click on their name and more details will appear on the right of the page. You will see two lozenges and to the right of them are 3 dots. Click the dots and press connect. You will see that you can copy and paste your message one into that box that appears.

Remember to add the person’s name in your address so make it more personable. When you sent the message copy their name into your database with the date you sent it and wait.

The next day

Check to see if you have received any links.
If you have, reply to them sending out your second message and add their fuller details to your database and wait for them to respond.
If/when they do you can open a dialogue and exchange information preparatory to a Zoom meeting.

In Conclusion

Every day you will extend your audience and develop relationships with interested parties leading to sales meetings and an expanded client base. If you need any help, feel free to drop me a line at