What is reminder marketing?

Reminder Marketing can help grow your repeat business rates. This is done by politely reminding your current customers that they need your services again. Be it an MOT or an eye test, or a boiler service for their central heating. In this article we will discuss how your business can use reminder marketing to grow in 2019 and beyond.

Reminder Marketing can either be performed via telephone, SMS text or email. It can either be conducted on an automated system or conducted manually. We would always recommend manual telephone reminder calls because they :

  • Are much more personal.
  • Allow the customer to discuss the appointment times and dates.
  • Make the customer feel wanted and therefore important to you.

Therefore, Reminder Marketing improves your customer relationships, your repeat booking rates and consequently your profitability. In this article we will discussing how your business can use telephone reminder marketing to improve your business, increase your customer retention and increase re-booking rates.

Why do you need reminder marketing?

You need Reminder marketing if the elapsed time between the first visit and the next time they need you again is between 1 and 2 years; for example and annual MOT or a bi-annual eye-test. The length of time means that clients can easily forget.

You have a few options, you can hope they remember and come back, you can send out a letter and hope they reply or you can call them on the telephone, remind them and book them in there and then.

I would highly recommend you use telephone reminders as this gives the highest performance.

How can  your business use reminder marketing?

By letting your customers know that their next visit is due, with a polite and friendly telephone call you will increase your re-bookings by an average of 25%.

Here are some examples of how different industries can use this service:

  • Retail Marketing – promotions and special offers.
  • Patron Information – inform your patrons of up and coming events.
  • Non-Profit – let past donors know about new awareness campaigns and events.
  • Restaurants – remind customers of their reservations, special offers and events.
  • Event Management – remind customers of events and up and coming events.
  • Green Industry Marketing – solar panel maintenance, tree surgery and recycling.
  • Health Care – Eye test reminders, repeat medical appointment reminders and dental check ups.
  • Utilities – gas central-heating boiler servicing.
  • Maintenance – reminders of maintenance for kitchen extraction systems, air-conditioning, refrigeration etc.
  • Automotive Industry – MOT’s, servicing etc.
  • Clubs, Associations & Gyms – membership renewals, event notification and ticket booking.

As you can see, there are many uses for Reminder Marketing and I am sure you can think of a way you can use it for your business. This type of personal interaction with your customers can really help to improve your customer relationships and your business profitability. For more information read Tele-Reminders: An Eye-Opening Guide

In conclusion

Reminder marketing can help grow your business repeat purchasing rates by politely reminding your current customers that they need your services again, be it MOT’s or eye tests. This can be performed via telephone, SMS text or email. Reminder marketing can best  improve your business and increase your customer retention and re-booking when it is telephone reminding because it is more friendly and personal.

Not all businesses have the resources to implement this kind of service themselves. Therefore, I recommend using an external agency for this kind of marketing effort. When looking for an agency to provide this service you should ensure their operators are professional and have a polite, well spoken manner. They should also keep detailed records of all interactions and log all calls. If you are aiming for bookings, it is good practice to provide the agency with access to your booking system. This will alow them to book your customers in when they talk to them. You may also be interested in reading The Secret Sauce of Tele Reminders.

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