In this article we will cover everything you need to know about  Tele Surveys. What they are, why you need them and how to implement them.

What is a Tele Survey

So, what is a Tele Survey. A third party company that is impartial and independent will perform telephone surveys of your clients, suppliers, customers or staff. These tele surveys allow your business to find out what people really think about your products,  services and company. Your company can then use this information to improve your products and services.

Most companies perform a tele survey either monthly, quarterly or yearly. On average an agents will ask up to six questions per call. An agent can make up to ten calls per hour. The questions are always consistent, structured and unambiguous. either multi-choice or Yes/No questions.

The most important part of using tele surveys is to react to the conclusions and implement changes in your business. You might also be interested in this article The Simple 5-Step Guide To Tele-Surveys

Why you need a Tele Survey

There are multiple reasons to use tele surveys such as customer satisfaction, supplier views, staff satisfaction and market research. Let us discuss these types of surveys in a little more detail.

Customer satisfaction surveys let you hear exactly what your customers think about your company, products and services. By using a non biased, independent, third party agency your customers will feel comfortable telling the harsh truth. This, allows you to react to those comments, make improvements to your products and services. As well as push your business forward in the market place.

Making sure your suppliers are happy with your company will ensure stability of supply. An impartial survey of your suppliers, asking what they think of the lead times, the ease of delivery, settlement times and how easy it is to talk to the right people. This will allow you to iron out any issue(s) that may jeopardize future supplies and the relationship that you already have.

Knowing if your staff are happy working for you is always a tricky thing. Even in a large business with an HR department and all the correct resources.

Staff will feel more comfortable talking to someone outside the company. Staff surveys should always be anonymous giving an extra level of comfort and removing any worry about comebacks. Consequently, you improve the working environment and improve your staff relations. This leads to a better retention rate and improved productivity.

When your business is thinking about launching a new product/service, expanding your reach or just wants some feedback. To help you target more precisely in your market research you can use tele surveys. You may also be interested in this article 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Tele Surveys

In Conclusion

In conclusion, your business can use tele survives to find a variety of information to help improve your products and services. Whether it be improving customer satisfaction, supplier relations, staff satisfaction or helping you penetrate a brand new market. You may also be interested in this Customer Satisfaction Telephone Surveys – A Guide

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