The Simple 5-Step Guide To Tele-Surveys

So, what are Tele-Surveys I hear you ask. Well, let me put it simply for you. A non biased, independent, third party conducts an anonymous telephone survey with your clients to find out what they really think about your products and services. The Tele-Survey will provide you with information that will let you improve your products and services. Sounds like a good idea to me. Most companies perform Tele-Surveys either monthly, quarterly or yearly. If I have your attention and all this sounds amazing then please read on for my 5-step guide to Tele-Surveys.

Step 1 – Finding a non biased, independent, third party.

There are lots of companies providing Tele-Surveys, therefore, it’s hard to find the right team for you. Here are the things I would recommend you look for in your team.

  1. Well spoken, polite and intelligent.
  2. Experienced.
  3. A call and time login system.
  4. Anonymous questionnaire.

Step 2 – Creating the Survey

To collect good information, careful creation of the questions is important. It is easier for participants to answer simple yes or no or multiple choice questions.

Question structure is also very important. You need to make sure the questions are free from any ambiguity and bias. Keep it simple and to the point.

For example: “Is the service at Jo Blogs Company poor, average, good, very good?”

Very important is the number of questions that are going to be asked. In our experience, at BHT Marketing, we have found that up to 6 multiple choice questions is just right.

Step 3 – Conducting the Survey

Once the survey questions have been created they are passed to the operators who will call each client. It is normal to be able to call 10 clients an hour. Operators offer an independent ear, letting the client feel comfortable to tell the harsh truth, which is, of course, what you need to know. Each call is logged, time marked and each printed anonymous questionnaire is filled in.

Step 4 – Delivering the results

Once all of the questionnaires have been completed it is time to look at the data. Each question is sorted by answer and a statistical report is  created listing the answers in terms of percentage importance. Finally, a conclusion is written to accompany the statistical report and both documents are emailed to the client.

Step 5 – After the Survey

After the Tele-Survey has been completed and all data has been analysed and improvements made. I would recommend sending out a letter to all your clients, describing the improvements and including a special offer to thank them for helping. This will strengthen your relationship with your clients and help improve your business. I would also recommend that you repeat this process either monthly, quarterly or yearly so that you can keep an eye on what your clients really think about you.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Tele-Surveys are the best way to make sure your clients are always happy with your products and services. Also don’t think that you can only use this for outside of your company. This technique can also be used for making sure your employees are also happy and performing their jobs correctly. This means your company will maintain and improve its place in the marketplace compared to your competitors.

Tele-Surveys are the health check your business needs to keep it in tip top form and growing in the right direction.

Start Using Tele-Surveys Today

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