What is the problem?

 There just aren’t enough hours in the day to:

  • keep answering the phone,
  • calling the people you used to deal with,
  • prospecting for new business,
  • keeping on top of your finances,
  • writing blogs and social media messages,
  • answering emails,
  • providing your services to your clients.

The solution

You could outsource some work to an agency.

For example – answering the ‘phone

There are plenty of agencies with extensive experience in taking calls for other companies.

What to look for?

Talk to agencies that only charges for your dedicated telephone line and the calls that are taken.

Find a company that can give you advice on when to transfer calls and how each call should be answered.

Here’s a good idea. Allocate 9 to 10 and 4 to 5 each day to returning your calls. This will give you from 10-4 each day to concentrate on everything else.

Each call during that time will be answered professionally and a message taken and forwarded to you by email.

Make sure the agency explains how they are able to answer your calls as if from your company.


You will never miss a call.

A forewarning about the content of each call allows you to prepare your reply.

6 hours each day have been cleared of telephone interruption so that concentrated productive work can take place.


Outsourcing can cover the “interruptive” parts of your day and let you “crack on”.

Also, having an agency to take your calls gives you a bigger company feel whilst being very low cost, efficient making sure you never miss a call.


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