Sometimes it can feel as though you’re the only one here, that you’re surrounded by an invisible shield so that nothing gets to the outside world and nothing comes in.

You keep calling people and linking up with new people and following them up and still nothing happens.

Well, my friends, that’s the boat we are all in. The economy is stagnant and so everyone is hunkered down preserving their budgets for when things improve.

So, what is the best course of action?

I’m totally opposed to the concept of “When in doubt do nothing,” I believe that you should keep on pushing but within the limits set by the economy.

In other words, use lower cost methods to keep the market aware that you are still here and, like everyone else, waiting for better days to come.

Tick-over or “Trickle” campaigns

I have often recommended to clients the concept of a little and often.
A typical example of this would be that undertake a weekly campaign that goes like this you:

  • Subscribe to LinkedIn Navigator – cost approx. £60-£70 per month
  • select a market, region, the right people titles and compose a 300 characters message to send out
  • spend 1 hour each day sending out your message to those selected people and inviting them to link up.
  • Whenever you get links you add them to your 1 hour work load and reply to them suggesting a telephone conversation.
  • The second week you spend 2 hours. The first hour is sending out more Invitations to linkup and the second hour is calling the people who did link up to see if and when they would like to talk about doing business.

In a month this campaign will have cost you the price of the Sales Navigator subscription and maybe 35 hours of your time.
It keeps your budget down but maintains a market presence.

A little stronger campaign

You can, of course, expand on this concept by adding a blog or two each month. If you make sure that the blog is around 1,000 words and you post in on LinkedIn and, perhaps, Medium. By doing this you will add depth to your output and involve your potential clients in what you are about.

Writing a blog usually take between 3 to 4 hours including re-writes., so you monthly time investment has now grown to a maximum of 43 hours.

An even stronger campaign

By adding social media messages to your campaign, you will add a more dynamic element in that these will go out every working day.
Each message will carry your telephone number and a link to your website, whilst conveying a single punchy message.

To write these messages will take about 2 to 3 hours each month including re-writes.

In conclusion

The world may be standing still right now, but there is absolutely no reason why you should.
By spending a little money and investing about 46 hours of your 140 hours each month, you should be able to keep your business name in front of the market so that you are there when people want the services you offer.

Of course, if any part of this campaign plan is going to take up more of your time than you can afford there are always SMEs ready to assist you.

This marketing approach, “The Secrets to building your Wrap-Around Marketing System” is explained more fully in our e-book, which is free to download from our website at or you can purchase in from Amazon.

Just hang in there and keep marketing