This is the problem.

 If the office is empty, for whatever reason, does the telephone get answered?

And if it does, what happens?


Possible scenarios

  • The caller gets fed up and calls another company and you lose ………
  • The caller decides to ring back later and who knows.
  • A passer-by answers the call and doesn’t do it properly and doesn’t leave a message.
  • Your answer phone picks up but is so old that it is unintelligible.
  • The call switches through to your mobile but you’re in a meeting and can’t pick up.

What’s the answer?

 You need to get an answering service.

It’s so simple.

Whenever you’re going to be out you switch the phone over to BHT and we take the calls and send an email about the message to you.

You will never miss a call again.

We have software that tells us which company the call is for so that we can answer as one of your team. This makes your company a little bit bigger and stronger!



 You pay a small set-up fee, a monthly line rental charge and then a fixed fee for every call we take up to 3 minutes including admin. Any extra minutes are charged pro-rata.


Ring 0808-172-1900 and you can hear what we sound like and we’ll talk it through.