• Making contact is more difficult than it was just 12 months ago.

The pandemic caused people to from home.

Now it is becoming more acceptable.

Companies save space and therefore money.

Staff can reduce travelling time and costs.

The environment benefits from less pollution.

Consequently, contacts are no longer where they used to be.

So making contact is more difficult.

  • The solution is Dig-e-Tel ©

BHT developed a marketing system called Dig-e-Tel © specifically to facilitate easy contact.

Because the internet goes everywhere it reaches contacts no matter where they work.

Dig-e-Tel © uses this connectivity and makes contact by

  1. digital marketing/messaging,
  2. emailing
  3. telephones
  4. Video calls

Once the contact is interested and has linked-up the marketing process begins.

  • Conclusion

Dig-e-Tel © can find the right person in the right company who is looking for you.

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