Why do you need call-handling now?

The pandemic has highlighted a particular need for call-handling services.

A growing number of employees are home working.

People need to be able to contact home workers.

A call-handling service on the office number can disseminate messages to the right people everyday by email.


How does it work?

Home-workers call back the people who they want to talk to.

We have been operating this system throughout the pandemic very effectively.


What is our track record?

We have been conducting call-handling since 2010.

We operate a system called  “whisper”, which literally whispers in our ear which company the call is for.

Then we answer as that company, take the message for the appropriate person, and email it through.


The result

The cleverness of this is, that no matter where you are an, email will get to you and can respond.

We have also been told that it is a great system for shielding people when they have time sensitive work to do.

We take the call, and they return it later in the day when they have concluded their time-sensitive task.


What are the charges?

The client pays a fixed fee for the line rental each month and pays a fixed charge for each call up to 3 minutes (including admin) plus any charge for excess minutes.

Recipients get all their calls at well below the cost of employing two people in the office to take calls and pass them on.


So call us now

If you are thinking of devolving work locations or simply want to improve current communication just ring 0808-172-1900 and we will talk you through it.