What’s the Holy Grail of marketing?

 To find the companies, and more importantly the right contacts, who are looking for your services.


Is there a way?

 Very definitely, yes.


 What is it?

The Dig-e-Tel © marketing system finds the right people in the companies that are looking for your services.


How does it work?

Using LinkedIn Navigator we find the right database and contact title you want to approach.

We send a carefully worded message to see if they are interested in what you have to offer.

Those that are interested link up and the process begins.

We send additional information and then move into the emailing phase.

We move into the telephone phase when the prospect wants to “talk things over”.

When the time is right we suggest a telephone conversation with our client.


Has Dig-e-Tel © been tested?

Yes, we began developing this during the height of the pandemic and have been continually testing and developing it since September 2020.


What sort of results have we had?

We have been able to expand our marketing reach by well over 36 contacts and at the time of writing have signed 1 new client.

That new client, employing Dig-e-Tel © has already had a prospect meeting.


How much does it cost?

We have a flexible rate-card for Dig-e-Tel ©.

So long as you already have LinkedIn Navigator you have these options:

  1. A 3-month trial at full price.
  2. A 6-month campaign at 5% discount.
  3. A 12-month campaign at !0% discount.

We recommend 5 hours per week but you could start lower so long as you recognise that the results will come slower.


What to do next – Ring us on 0808-172-1900 and we will talk through the process and the costs in detail.