The avoidable disappointments

Sometimes, in business, there are huge disappointments that could have been avoided and they leave you thinking “if only”.

Here’s an example:

  • The phone rings in the morning and rings and rings and then stops.
  • Later in the day a call is made to the prospect to see if your quote has been accepted.
  • The answer is devastating – they’ve gone with the opposition.
  • They wanted to go with you but there was a question about the fees because both quotes were very close.
  • Because no-one answer the phone, the Board chose the competitor.
  • If only you’d been there or had someone answering your phone.
  • Now the business is gone, and it’s a 3-year contract too!


What’s the answer?

If you have an answering service, the situation would have been relayed to you by mobile and you could react fast enough to save the contract.


Who can you turn to?

BHT has been working on telephones for nearly 24 years and has a reputation for courtesy and personality.

There are 2 services available:

  • During Office Hours
  • Out of Office Hours


How does it work?

  • We procure a dedicated line for your calls and whenever you want/need cover you switch your line to us and we will answer your calls.
  • Then we pick up a call a “whisper” in our ear, tells us which of our clients the call is for. Consequently, we can answer as that company and take name, details and a message.
  • As soon as we finish a call, we send an email to the client with the name, details, and message. We mark it “Top Priority” if necessary and say URGENT in the subject line.
  • We then fill out our own Virtual Office log so that we have a dated and timed record of the call and its details.


How much does it cost?

You only pay a monthly charge for the line rental and then you pay for each call.


What’s the outcome?

You avoid the “if only” situations and never miss a call.


Call us – 0808-172-1900 and we’ll talk you through it