What happens?

Everything is running smoothly.

You’re in the office and getting through the paperwork .

It’s nice and quiet as your partner is out visiting the prospect that you both have high hopes for.



The phone rings and there a crisis at home. You have to be there as soon as possible.

Now the office will be unattended and there’s no-one to take any calls.

If only you’d taken your partners advice and employed a call-handling service.

If you had you could have switched the phones over and everything would have been safe.

Now you just must risk that no-one calls, and hope.


What’s the answer?

BHT have been working on telephones for over 23 years.

They have been complemented for their approach and personality on the phone.

Their call-handling service was started in 2010 so that’s over 10 year’s experience.

They offer a low-cost, pay per call service.

The operative can answer the call as your company and take the callers details, number and the message.

They send you an email with the message and commit the details to the computer log so there is always a record.


What’s the result?

You’re dealing with your home crisis, but you still get your messages through to your laptop and can reply as soon as it’s convenient.

You’ve had to dash but the company remains safely covered and no call is lost.

It could have cost you a lot more than the price of a call-handling service!


So what to do now.

Why not make enquiries about the ease with which this can be set up and the costs involved.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Call 0808-172-1900 for a chat now.