What is the right title to look for?

Using conventional marketing methods the first thing to discover is the title of the contact.

This sounds simple until you come to do it because the same job description can have up to half a dozen different titles.

For example

If we need to talk to the marketing manager, that might also be the sales manager because they don’t have a marketing manager!

In some cases, he Finance Director manages his role and marketing.

In the smaller companies the Managing Director keeps the Marketing and Sales roles.


What is the right sector to look for?

What commercial sector should we target?

Most companies will fall into more than one classification.

The danger is that you may miss companies you need by only picking one classification.


Being able to talk to them

Since Covid-19 struck, getting to talk to the person can be a problem because home working is so widespread.


What is the answer?

All of the above issues shrink into insignificance when you use the marketing technique called Dig-e-Tel ©.

Operating within GDPR and TPS regulations this system will contact the right person wherever they work.

This is a non-intrusive marketing technique.

Your company reputation is never at risk, because the first approach addresses an issue that they may be struggling with and offers a solution.

This is more of an outreach program than a marketing technique.

For example

We send out a message to see if the Covid-19 pandemic had seriously depleted their marketing staff.

If so we offer them support if they would like to link up.

The onus is on the recipient. If they do link more detailed information is sent.

The offering

The system highlights a problem, finds people who need help with it and offers a solution.

The results

We have been using Dig-e-Tel © for some months and are quite astounded at how quickly the potential prospect base grows and how gently the process develops business relationships.

What to do next

If you’re looking to move your business forward again and would like some gentle support give is a ring on 0808-172 1900 and we will talk you through it.