Why do you need time?

Most  small businesses have at least one day each week when the finances, planning and admin have to be done.

Unless you are very fortunate, you always get disturbed.

After that it is a constant race against time to try and get things finished.


How can we give you this time?

The solution is so simple and the cost is for nothing.

The solution us to employ a call-handling service.


Who can you call?

BHT have been working on telephones since October 1997 and as call-handlers since 2010.

We have a developed a reputation for a friendly and courteous attitude on the phone.

You can trust us to talk to people on your behalf and protect your reputation.


How does it work?

We buy a dedicated line for your calls.

We set up a software called “Whisper,” which tells us who the call is for.

So, when the phone rings and we pick up, and we can answer as your company.

We explain that you are not available, take a message and send it through to you by email.

You never miss a call.


What’s the result?

When you want to be undisturbed, or you have to go to a meeting, you switch the phone over to us.

We will take the calls and send the messages to you by email.

The beauty of this is that no matter where you may be the messages will reach you.


How much does this time saver cost?

You pay a small fee to set everything up and then a regular monthly fee for the line.

After that you simply pay a fixed fee for each call up to 3 minutes including admin and a pro-rata charge for every minute thereafter.


What to do now

Ring 0808-172-1900 and we will talk you through how it works and detail the costs.