As we are all starting to think about recovering from this foul pandemic, here’s an idea for recovering as well as building your future sales pipeline at the same time.


What’s the answer?

BHT have developed a graduated marketing plan.

Your marketing budget grows as you win more new business.

So if you succeed, we succeed.

We link your success to a growth plan for the marketing campaign.


An example

This is a graduated marketing plan.

Level 1- Telemarketing at 10 hours a month begins to call existing contacts and lapsed clients. This would only cost you £330 per month until your contact list was exhausted. Once we have covered the telemarketing cost and then some we would trigger the level 2 – Dig-e-Tel ©.

Level 2 – Dig-e-Tel © campaign to find new prospects and nurture them towards becoming a client. This would cost £800 per month including the LinkedIn costs.

Dig-e-Tel © was invented by BHT and in the first 3 months of trial we extended our number of contacts by over 250 and won 2 new contracts.

The beauty of this system is that no matter where the recipient is they will receive the messages because they go straight to their computers.

Once you have concluded the 6 month campaign I guarantee that you will want to continue, but we would discuss it with you to make sure.



If BHT is to be successful you have to be successful first.

This link can give you the confidence that we will be working as hard as we can to achieve both.


What to do now

Look at our website – and give us a ring on 0808-172-1900 – you’ll be glad you did.