The Problem

Taking phone calls interrupts your your day.

The phone just keeps on ringing.

Each call takes up valuable time and also adds more work to your busy schedule.


What’s the Solution?

A “Pay-per-call” answering service.

This will give you peace and quiet to concentrate.

It also gives you the time to go to meetings and to get your paperwork done.


How does it work?

BHT organises a dedicated line for your calls – approximately 5 working days.

We set up “Whisper” which is a software system that tells us who the call is for.

So we can answer as your company.

You switch the phones to us whenever you want and turn it off when you’re ready.


Now we’re ready to support you through each working day

Whenever you’re going into a meeting you switch the phones over to us and we take the calls.

We explain that you’re not available and will call them back later or whenever you arranged.

Some companies return calls before 10.00 and after 16.00 so that they have no interruptions during the rest of the day.


What does it cost?

All you pay is the monthly dedicated line charge plus a fixed fee for any calls up to 3 minutes including our admin.

Extra minutes are charged if incurred.


Out of Hours Cover

If you are concerned that people may call you at weekends or after office hours, we can cover that for you as well.

Our system will record the call and email directly to you or we will pick it up on Monday morning and send it through to you then.


You will never miss a call

Your business gets that “larger” feeling, you never miss a call and you get the time you need for your work.


What to do now

Call us on 0808-172-1900 and we’ll talk you through it.