Who Needs Call-Handling and Why?

When you are a micro-company you need telephone cover wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

The telephone is today’s receptionist.

It has taken on a much more important role than before Covid-19 because face-to-face meetings are difficult.


The Projected Image

The way the call is answered and the personality of the person taking the call are now very, very significant.

No longer can you think that taking calls on your mobile is Ok unless you deliberately want to give the wrong impression.

Neither is it acceptable to take a call when you are driving because the background noise is wrong, your voice will be raised and more importantly it is very dangerous.


The Way to Proceed

The way to go forward is to have support and use a tried and tested call-handling service.

They are low cost, professional and above all project a “larger than small” image for your company.


Who can you turn to?

BHT, founded in 1997, has been working on telephones for 23 years in telemarketing and since 2010, in Call-Handling as well.

We can set you up quickly. It takes up to 5 working days to procure your dedicated telephone line and get the recording done for our “Whisper” software and we’ll be up and running.


What is “Whisper” and Why do you need it?

The “Whisper” software identifies which company the call is for.

It whispers your company name in the operators ear.

Consequently, we can answer as your company and project that larger than micro-company image.


What do we do?

We take the message and say that you are out on business.

We get the callers’ details and telephone number.

Then we e-mail the message and details to you so that you can respond at your earliest convenience.


What if your away for a couple of days?

If you’re going to be away you will have your laptop with you.

You will receive our telephone message emails where-ever you are and then decide when to call back.

No call lost and you are never out of reach.


What’s the advantage of a call-handling service?

It’s cheaper than having someone sitting at a desk all day.

It is more professional than using your mobile, where ever you are.

It projects an efficient, professional and large image.


What to do now

Call BHT on 0808-172-1900 and we’ll talk through it all with projected costs.

You’ll be surprised at how easy and low cost call-handling is.