Covid-19 has changed the way we work in offices forever.

More and more people will work from home having proved to themselves, and the company, that they can.

It is cheaper to work at home – no more rail fares or fuel costs and we feel less tired too.

Companies can save £000’s each year by reducing the size of their offices.

So they save on rent, business rates, heating and lighting to name just the utilities.


The Changes to the way we work brings its own problems

Working from home means that reaching people by telephone will become more difficult.

When someone wants to talk to their contact in a company, they will expect a system to be in place to make that happen


What’s the answer?

Companies need to employ the mirror of a call-handling service.

When someone calls their details and a message are taken an noted.

An email is immediately sent to the appropriate person.

On receipt of the email that person can respond at their convenience.

E-mail can find each person wherever they are.

Companies can set this system up internally, of course.

However, it would mean incurring the cost of two people sitting in the office all day just taking messages and sending emails.


What’s the real answer?

Employ an call-handling service because:

  • they already know what to do – no training required
  • you don’t need 2 people in the office
  • office space is saved
  • there are no holiday, medical or personnel issues
  • it is environmentally friendly.


If you’re already restructuring – make sure you restructure the way you handle your calls too.


To talk over our call-handling service ring 0808-172-1900 and we will talk you through it.