The Solution

Dig-e-Tel © finds the right person, in the right company and in the right market.


Why was it Developed?

BHT Marketing Ltd developed Dig-e-Tel © because companies need to find new prospects after the Covid-19 pandemic.


What is it?

Dig-e-Tel © is an integrated marketing technique. It uses a social media platform, email marketing and telemarketing.


How does it work?

  1. We select, with the client, a market that needs the client’s services.
  2. Using the social media platform we find the right contacts.
  3. Brief messages are sent addressing the problem issue and offering assistance.
  4. Interested parties connect and more information is sent.
  5. Relationship are developed over time.
  6. The prospects receive our client’s blogs and these strengthen the client’s market standing.
  7. E-mail addresses are exchanged and more detailed information is sent.
  8. The prospect is now able to make informed decisions.
  9. When a meeting is the sensible next step we arrange it for the client.
  10. The client sends a proposal and wins the business.


What sort of results can you expect?

Our prospect base has grown by nearly 200 companies since we began using Dig-e-Tel ©.

More information is being sent to those who have linked up.

We are now beginning to talk to several prospects.

We are confident of finding more prospects in 2021.



Companies can extend their reach and rebuild their contact base with Dig-e-Tel ©.


Ancillary Services that are available

BHT offer 2 additional services:

  1. telemarketing to reconnect with your existing prospects and try to bring back lapsed clients.
  2. call-handling to save you time and let you get on during the working day.


Support whenever you want it

BHT will support any company in the post Covid-19 era.

Just call 0808-172-1900 and we will talk through the service your are interested in.