Get your name and product out there to the companies that you want to talk to.


Find out which companies are interested in your product/service


Interact with each contact in each interested company.


Know when each company will be in a position to buy, and plan your prospect sales pipeline much more accurately than ever before.


Dig-e-Tel © is the system that does this


BHT Marketing Ltd developed this during the pandemic so that it would be ready for the period of rebuilding that we all need to do. It will:

  • Target the right person, in the right type of company, in the right market.
  • Identify those who are interested in developing a working relationship.

It builds your future business prospects database.


Dig-e-Tel © works by progressively combining digital marketing with emailing and finally telephone conversations to establish those all-important business links.

In 50 hours BHT developed a database of 120 interested companies.

That is roughly one new interested contact every 25 minutes.

Out of those 15% were interested within the next 6 months.


This is an extremely exciting marketing tool.

Used on its own or in conjunction with telemarketing it can pick-up short-term business and grow your longer-term prospect pipeline.



Call 0808-172-1900, and we’ll talk you through it.