The advantage of having the BHT call-handling service is that it’s a Safety net

No matter what you’re doing, or wherever you are, incoming calls will always be taken and the messages will be sent through.

Wherever you are or whatever you are doing during Office hours

If you are out on the road or in a meeting and a call comes in, BHT explain and we take a message, the caller’s details and phone number.

We send you an email with the details, the message and the phone number so that you can respond as soon as possible.

No call is ever lost or delayed and when you’re a small team, or incredibly busy, that is vital.

Out of Office hours

Our call-handling service can also look after you out of office hours and at weekends.

We have a system which will answer the calls with a greeting and then record the call and email it directly to you.

No time or call is lost.

It’s a low budget item:

  • We charge a low one-off set-up fee to organise the line and the recording to tell us who the call is for
  • Line charge is a low monthly fee for a minimum contract of 1 year
  • Call charges are based on calls up to 3 minutes including administration
  • Extra minutes are charged at a low amount (in pennies) if the call goes over 3 minutes
  • Monthly reports can be provided for a small fee

An estimated example not including out of hours

If we took 1 call each working day we estimate your monthly bill would be in the region of £60.

Assume your business service has a minimum sale value of £110 and call-handling saves you one potential sale and it would have paid for itself.

Don’t substitute your mobile for professionalism

Taking calls on your mobile is not a cost saving if you consider:

  • You can’t control the back-ground noise when you take a call on you mobile. The impression you give is that of a one-man band.
  • When you are in a meeting you can’t take a call. The mobile is on answer-phone and people don’t respond well to those.
  • Taking a business call whilst driving is silly. Your concentration will shift from driving to business and therein lies danger.

The Conclusion

The telephone is the gateway to your company – it’s important that you give the right impression .

So there’s no need for you to make the wrong impression and never miss a call.

So what to do?

Give us a call on 0808-172-1900 and we’ll talk you through the process and the costs