The economic and commercial landscape after this pandemic will be challenging.

Business opportunities will be limited.

Some companies will have failed and the rest will be smaller.

A lot of staff will be working from home.

Finding the right person to talk to will get harder.

Companies will need to develop a new lists of prospects and establish new sales pipelines, if they are to recover quickly

So, what’s the best way to proceed? – Start now.

It will be difficult to find the marketing hours because of reduced numbers of staff.

This is where BHT’s Dig-e-Tel © comes in.

Dig-e-Tel © – the marketing system that combines social media marketing with e-mail marketing and telemarketing in a logical and progressive way:

  • on-line databases for each client
  • a series of “ladder” messages
  • detailed emails about the client’s services
  • brief messages are sent to each potential contact
  • responders receive a second message
  • e-mail addresses are exchanged and more detailed information is sent
  • telephone conversations arranged
  • meeting with the client is arranged

This is a fabulous marketing technique because it builds business relationships steadily.

Then, when they are in the market to buy they know who to turn to!

However, it takes time to build this list of potential clients and that is why companies need to start now.

Start by having a telephone conversation with BHT on 0808-172-1900.