Dig-e-Tel © is an integrated marketing technique employing the combined power of social media, email marketing, and telemarketing, in that order.

Dig-e-Tel © is the brainchild of BHT Marketing Ltd, who began in 1997 as a pure telemarketing company. Their experience told them that, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, getting to talk to people on the telephone was going to be harder than it had ever been. Consequently, they started looking for better ways to reach the right people in the right markets to develop prospect lists that could then be nurtured and eventually converted to clients.

It occurred to BHT that as most people now use social media and would be working from home, that this could be the medium to reach them.

BHT Marketing Ltd never promotes anything that they haven’t tried themselves. This ensures that any wrinkles are discovered and ironed out before selling it to clients. It also means that they can talk with confidence about the performance of this technique.

So, after some research, BHT began their own trial. The right social media platform was found, messages were sent out, introductions were made, and the list of new contacts grew.

Some contacts want to know more and so on receipt of permission to email more information has been sent.

The contacts say when they may be interested to take matters further and so a pipeline of prospective contacts is developed with the appropriate follow-up dates.

In 8 weeks (80 hours) BHT developed a database of 120 interested companies. That is roughly one new interested contact every 40 minutes.

Out of those 20% were interested within the next 6 months.

All of them will receive our regular social media messages and blogs

Consequently, any company thinking of using this technique has multiple “wins” to look forward to:

  • Increased awareness of their company in their target market
  • A contact list growing week by week
  • More companies knowing about their products and services
  • A steadily developing prospect pipeline
  • Diversification of their client base
  • Increased readership of social media messages and blogs and more website visits

As we update the figures in a monthly blog you will see what an exciting marketing technique this is.

BHT recommend 10 hours per week for rapid contact and pipeline development and they estimate between 3 and 4 months should see sufficient contact growth and momentum. At this point, performance can be seen and the weight of the campaign reviewed.

A campaign of this magnitude would cost £4,290 over each 12-week period including the monthly reports to keep you in the picture.

Reduced hours would yield the same results but over a longer period of 6-months.

The weight of campaign depends entirely on the fine balance between budget and the need to regrow the client base, and BHT appreciate that and will do whatever they can to help.

If you would like to discuss the pros and cons of this unique marketing service, please don’t hesitate to call on 0808-172-1900 for a no-obligation conversation.