The Problem

Since March 2020 our economy has been struggling under repeated lockdowns. We have had stay at home policies and chronic illness and deaths.

In autumn we were beginning to think that our woes were coming to and end. Then omicron reared its ugly head. Infection spread faster than earlier variants and has had a devastating effect on work-forces.

The question now is  “Is there a way to be able to reach the right people with our marketing messages?


The Solutions

  •  The original and fastest way to reach anybody was to use telemarketing. If you have a good and sound database it is still the best way to carry your message.

Examples, booking stands in an exhibition, or seats at a seminar or conference, or recontacting lapsed clients.

The is nothing more powerful that voice to voice contact, apart from face to face.


  • Digital marketing, using social media messages and blogging.

These are great for keeping your website active and keeping your presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The one big weakness is that you have to wait for someone to respond.


  • Email marketing – gets your message straight on to someone’s desk but it is still reliant on them responding.

There is, of course, another issue.

It is illegal to email someone without their consent under GDPR.

So, unless you have written consent, on file, you cannot use this technique.


  • A combination of Digital, email and telemarketing, which we call Dig-e-Tel

This technique uses Digital, in this case LinkedIn, to reach out to people.

You can target the right person in the right market and see if are nterested in what you do.

If they come back, you can offer to send details by email

Then, if they are still interested you can suggest a telephone call to talk over the details.

No matter where the prospect is working, they will receive your message.


How successful can Dig-e-Tel be?

BHT began developing this technique in September 2020.

Our first contract was won in the December 2020.

Our new client started using this technique in January 2021 and we won their first contract in February 2021.

BHT won another contract in September 2021 and began working for them in October 2021. We have achieved over 6 hot prospects for them.

In January 2022 another prospect is considering a start date of February 2022.


What is the secret?

Like any form of marketing, it is dependent upon relevant database targeting and perseverance.


In Conclusion

If you have an accurate and properly focused database, then telemarketing is the way to go.

Otherwise, I would recommend:

  1. keeping up the digital broadcasts on social media and blogging on your website
  2. reach out to people using a technique like Dig-e-Tel.


If you would like to discuss the right marketing route for you just call us on 0808-172-1900.

We will be glad to advise so that you can make an informed decision.