The current crisis has made everyone realize that it is important to really know your cash position, past present and into the foreseeable future.

BHT can help

BHT developed, and have been operating, a bank reconciliation and cash-flow forecasting system, every week, since 1997.

As a result, we can “see” the future financial situation and take appropriate steps to avoid pitfalls.

It has been very helpful during this Covid-19 crisis.

So now we would like to offer this system to you.

Initially, we will need 3 test clients so that we can see how long it will takes for differing businesses to

  • develop and populate a system for each client
  • update their system each month

Each of these 3 companies will only be charged £40/month for their first year and will avoid all set-up fees.

After the first 3 clients, the monthly fees will be £60 plus £60 set-up.

All fees will increase in line with the prices index on the anniversary of the contract.

Each month they will receive:

  • A bank reconciliation to the last trading day of the previous week
  • An updated cashflow forecast to the end of the financial year

Additional services will be available including

  • Updating QuickBooks – £20/month minimum
  • Bank reconciliation and cash-flow forecast each week – £30/mth
  • An additional year’s cash-flow forecast updated monthly – £20/mont
  • “At-a-glance” cash-flow summaries for each year – £20/month
  • Business advice based on nearly 40 years’ experience – £30/hr

We will be taking only one new client every month.

If you would like to secure your future financial knowledge contact