This is what we all need, a safe route out of this crisis.

The good news is that there is a way to get a better feeling for your own business recovery.

We developed Business Cash Management back in the 80’s and have been using it ever since.

We have had to survive the recession of the early and late 80’s, the economic slow-down because of fears about the millennium bug, the recession of the mid 2000’s and now the corona virus.

The latter is by far and away the worst issue because of its effect on the movement of people and goods and the debilitating effect it has had on everybody’s and every company’s finances.

BUT there it is and we have to pull through, we have to, there is no other choice, but defeat.

So, I am here to offer a possible solution – Business Cash Management.

BHT Business Cash Management –

Developed in the 80’s and has been steadily refined and improved over the intervening decades.

We are offering to provide and run the system for any client that wants to be able to see their cash-flow future today.

We tailor the system for your company and maintain it every month.

What that means is we begin by conducting a bank reconciliation for you and then we update your forecast up to the end of your financial year every month. So any new bills you’ve received, any new business prospects, will be entered and the new forecast sent to you and followed by a telephone commentary.

This is the basic service for £60/mth but you can also have:

  • The forecast extended to include your next financial year
  • One-page cash-flow summaries
  • Additional financial model forecasts
  • Invoices raised each month using Quick-books
  • Money received entered on to Quick-books
  • Credit control – we will chase payment for you

I know you’ll be thinking that forecasts are always wrong so what’s the point?

Well, the point is you’ve got to start planning to get back to where you were. Having a financial forecast to guide you will be an invaluable crutch up this long and winding road.

If you’d like to talk it over just call us on 0808-172-1900 for an informal chat.