Get More Clients With Tele Marketing

In this article we will discuss how to get more clients using tele marketing. We will talk about what tele marketing is and how it can be used, why your business needs it and how you can use it to get more clients. So, lets jump in.

What is tele marketing and how your business can use it

Tele-Marketing is a form of direct marketing. An operator calls prospective customers from a specified database to discuss your product or services. The operator should not use a script to make these calls but instead understand what they are talking about and have an educated conversation. The operator will then log the call and make detailed notes about who they spoke to and what was said.

One of the best things about tele marketing is the fact that after calling on average 800 records from the database. You will have enough data to statistically predict the rest of the campaign. This means you can use sample campaigns to test different marketing places and campaign ideas.

Here are some examples of how tele marketing can be used:

  • Lead generation – booking valid appointments for your sales team.
  • Following inbound leads – following up on event leads, social media competitions, mail outs and more.
  • Reconnecting with old customers – cleaning old databases and re-introducing your products and services.
  • Cross selling – introducing other products and services to existing clients.
  • New product launches – to existing clients.
  • Online demos – A low risk commitment for a prospect.
  • Research – market research.
  • Customer care – checking that all your customers are happy with your services. To find out more about this specifically click here.
  • Data building and cleaning – Collecting data and updating records.
  • Soft lead generation – aka cold calling.
  • Mystery shopping – checking your customer experience.

Why you need tele marketing

All businesses need more clients and tele marketing can be a guaranteed direct marketing tool based on statistics. This means that your future prospect pipe line can be predicted allowing your business to expand by knowing that prospects will come in each month. The return on investment is also very good when using tele marketing making it a cost effective, fast solution for all of your direct marketing.

Because tele marketing is such a rapid direct marketing tool, hot prospects will be identified quickly. Tele marketing experts say they are almost always able to find active opportunities that the company didn’t know about, no matter how big or well-known the company is.

How you can get more clients

There are many different ways to use tele marketing to get more clients. Here are a few examples:

  • Follow up on mailshots – send out letters to a specified database and follow up with tele marketing.
  • Reconnecting with old customers – cleaning databases and re-introducing your business.
  • Cross selling – introducing other products and services to existing clients.
  • New product launches – event or promotion information.
  • Online demos – call prospects and offer an online demo.
  • Data building and cleaning – updating records and removing incorrect data.
  • Soft lead generation – calling a specified database and introducing your business.

In conclusion

In conclusion, we have discussed using tele marketing as a form of direct marketing.  Operators will call though a specified database and make contact with opportunities interested in a specific service or product. This can be followed up by email. We also discussed reconnecting with old clients  and giving online demos. Tele marketing is also the fastest form of direct marketing due to the fact that approximately fifteen prospective clients can be spoke to every hour. With all these positive points tele marketing is certainly one of the best ways of finding new sales opportunities.

Start today

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