Tele Surveys

Checking Satisfaction

Most companies rely heavily on repeat business and consequently need to know if they provide satisfactory service.

Therefore, you might be missing a very important part of your marketing drive.

The need to check with your clients that they are happy with your service. So, you will need to conduct Tele Satisfaction Surveys

Tele Surveys

Tele Satisfaction Surveys

Tele Satisfaction Surveying can be conducted with up to 10 clients every hour.

Paper satisfaction surveys are expensive to produce, expensive to mail and low in response rates.

Put simply, tele satisfaction surveys mean you can call through your client base within a few hours and gather the information you need quickly and efficiently.

What is more, your clients will be impressed that you care enough to ask them.

However, the big problem for any company is that people feel uncomfortable telling you the harsh truth, which is, of course, what you need to hear.

So, what is the answer?

The BHT Tele Survey Service because:

Firstly, we are an impartial third party so no bias one way or the other.

Secondly, we can offer complete anonymity and can encourage clients to say what they really feel.

Thirdly, we have experience in compiling questionnaires of up to 6 questions with multi option answers.

The team is very experienced, well-spoken, courteous and intelligent..

Each call will be logged, time marked and completed on a pre-printed anonymous questionnaire.

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Tele Surveys

Then what happens?

All of the completed forms are gathered, and each question sorted by answer.

A report is compiled listing the questions and the answers in absolute terms and percentage importance.

Finally, an outline conclusion will be written to accompany the statistical report.

Both of these documents will be emailed to the client at the conclusion of the survey.

Now this is the exciting part!

After the survey has been concluded and the remedial work has been done, we would recommend sending out a mail shot to each client.

This will detail the improvements that have been made and can be accompanied by an invitation to take up a special offer to say thank you for participating.

Then the recipients can feel that they have played a part in bringing about the improvements, and you can feel that you have moved in the right direction.

All in all,  a great success.

Tele Surveys

In Summary

To make sure that your clients or staff are happy and to maintain your advantage over the opposition you need to conduct satisfaction surveys regularly.

So long as you are seen to implement changes on a regular basis you business will maintain a sure footing in your market place with your clients.

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