Is the economy conducive to business growth now?

A survey has discovered that small businesses are more confident about 2023.

65% anticipate their revenue will increase, and nearly 50% of businesses plan to expand.

So now is the time to start planning your autumn marketing campaign to ensure you find more clients in the New Year.

Marketing Timing

Realising that starting a marketing campaign does not mean new clients immediately come through the door is essential.

It simply means that you are starting to get your message out there.

However, there are slow and faster ways to find and convert prospects to clients.

If you’re looking for faster feedback, telemarketing is still the best

Telemarketing will identify potential prospects and build a prospect pipeline faster than any known marketing technique.

This is simply because you can get verbal feedback immediately rather than waiting for linkups and then a reaction when you use digital marketing.

The statistics for an average telemarketing campaign are as follows:

Assume 500 companies called twice only. Prospects
Appointments booked 1% 5
Telephone appointments for the client to call 3% 15
Interested within six months 6% 30
Send information and follow 6% 30
Total 16% 80

How easy is it to conduct a telemarketing campaign?

The simple answer is straightforward as long as you know what you’re doing.

Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

However, before we start, let me say that some people don’t like making cold calls. So, if you find yourself looking for other jobs to do rather than doing telemarketing, you are probably better off finding someone else to do it.

Running your telemarketing Campaign

First, you will need a TPS-compliant database because you can’t ring people without their permission – the same as sending emails.

If you use LinkedIn, then you will have the opportunity to call people who have linked with you.

Write a bullet point list of what you want to say and prepare a database outline for each call.

Once you have the basics, you’re ready to make your first calls.

After each call, fill in your database, noting when the follow-up call will be. Always code each call. For example, an appointment could be App, and a send information would be SI.

A word of advice, take your time and restrict the number of calls to 10 each day until you feel comfortable. If you stayed at 10 per day, by the end of each week, you would have made 50 calls, and that turns into 200 each month.

Getting someone else to do it

If you’re like most people, you may not have the time to do telemarketing, or you don’t incline. That’s not a problem because there are agencies like ours that can run the campaign for you.

BHT began as a telemarketing agency in 1997, so we can step into your shoes and conduct the campaign for you and produce the data and statistics.

If you’d like to know more, please review our Free Ebook about Wrap Around Marketing or ring us at 0808-172-1900.