The world crashed in 2020

 Up until March 2020 life was normal and businesses were making steady progress but since then:

  • Covid created chaos
  • A lot of European workers went home
  • Staffing levels were reduced
  • People worked from home or were furloughed
  • Transport of goods started to become a problem
  • Stock levels fell
  • Micro-chips went into short supply
  • Stainless steel supplies started to dwindle
  • Energy and oil prices started to climb
  • Costs and Inflation started to rise
  • Russia invaded Ukraine

The recovery

We are all trying to recover what was lost in those two years.

Businesses are striving to recover lost ground, replace lost clients and stabilize their cash-flow.

What’s the problem

Because covid forced people to work at home, after nearly two years, that practice has stuck and key people are much more difficult to contact.

Consequently, this make it harder for companies to have meaningful conversations with the right people in each of their target markets.

A solution has been found

So long as the people you want to reach use a PC or laptop, they can be contacted, wherever they may be.

This service, devised by BHT, is called Dig-e-Tel.

Dig-e-Tel utilises LinkedIn Navigator to search for and then send direct messages to the right people in the right target market.

Once linked up, more targeted messages can be sent followed by emails and finally telephone calls and then that all-important deal.

The service can also include blog and social media message writing and posting.


What is the track record of Dig-e-Tel

We have been trialing this since September 2020 and so far, we have won 4 new clients and have won each of them new contracts using the same technique.

The full-service including blogs and posts has resulted in the expansion of our, and the clients’ spheres of influence which, of course, improves the chances of winning more business.


What to do now if you want more clients in 2022 & 2023

 If this technique intrigues you, just give us a call on 0808-172-1900 and talk to Colin, who will tell you all about it and what costs are involved.