You’ve started

 You’ve taken the plunge and have spent some time planning the business cashflow. You’ve developed your own spreadsheet system based on our last blog.

(If you haven’t seen that blog click here)

The spreadsheet is an interesting exercise, isn’t it?

You find yourself automatically asking questions about your own future and realizing that there are costs to be considered, as well as the money earned from clients, and there are the taxes to consider too!

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Building your Company Identity

  • The Name

I’ve always been a great believer in having a company name that involves what you do. Our name includes the word “marketing”, so straight away you know what we do.

If, and when, you get bigger and more people know you can abbreviate so we could become BHT, for example.

However, you are starting out so follow the “KISS” principle – Keep It Simple.

You’ll notice that our name includes BHT and those are the initials of the 2 founders, Bonham, and Horton and the T stands for Telemarketing, which is what we did when we started in 1997.

Together those 3 letters make our company name trip off the tongue. Believe it or not, that is important so that people can remember it with ease, and it is particularly important that people can catch the name on the telephone.

  • The Logo and Typeface

The first thing to do is get imaginative and come up with an idea for your logo and then pick a font that you want all your word documents typed in. In other words, make everything constant.

Our logo was designed by our daughter, Gem, who is a multimedia designer.

She suggested that all of our business cards should be shaped like our logo so that there’s a continuation through everything.

Have a look at her website click here

I know she’s our daughter, but she really is very talented.

  • Your Colours

You have the Logo design so now you need to decide on your colours.

A word of caution, 4 colours will cost you more to have printed and will take more from your online printer too.

Ask your graphic designer for advice on this as they deal in this creative world all the time.

  • Where do you use your image and style?

Think of everything paper.

If you want to have business cards, letterheaded stationery, a hand-out brochure and promotional leaflets.

Don’t forget you’ll need to add in the website address so look out for our December blog covering website and online promotion.

If you need help

In the meantime, if you need any help or want to talk over any points raised in these two blogs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on Freephone 0808-172-1900.