The Problem

  • You started your own business within the last 12 months and recognise that you need a little help in certain areas.
  • There are elements to running a business that is outside your skillset.
  • A little help would be useful, at the right price.

BHT can offer Business support to you in these areas:

  • General business advice
    • We started a business in 1981. We made lots of mistakes.
    • Using that experience we established BHT in 1997 and are running it today.
    • We can stop you from falling into the same pitfalls we did.
    • Mentoring begins at only £40/week.

Marketing support

    • BHT is a marketing agency. We specialise in low budget marketing from £40/week.

Cash management 

    • Our own, simple to use, Excel-based Cash-flow system helped us plan and be safe. It can do the same for you from £40 per week.

Cash-flow forecasting

    • Running a business without knowing when and where the money is coming from, and going to, is madness.
    • Our system shows you the income and outgoings in detail, by week.
    • This stops spending that can’t be supported in the future.
    • From £40/week.

Invoice chasing.

    • BHT can chase unpaid invoices for you. From £40/month.


    • With just a little training you can go to any meeting with confidence.
    • We will help you build a presentation structure that you can use every time.
    • Courses from £120


    • Anyone can sell if they just have a structure to work from.
    • Courses from £120


Creative Design, Blogs and Social Media 

    • Websites – we have a sister company – White Rabit – that can help you with websites and grow them as you earn more.
    • Blogs – we write several of these each month and can write them for you from £120/month
    • Social media – we write for several companies and can write them for you from £80/month.


  • From today you are in control of your own destiny, with a little bit of help when you need it.
  • Call Freephone 0808-172-1900 for a friendly, no-obligation, chat

Don’t spend a lot until you’ve started earning a lot more.