The Problem

A lot of people who, when faced with the prospect of having to pick up the telephone, for any reason, will find any excuse not to.

As Tom Jones sang, “It’s not unusual.”

Most people shy away from making calls.

So, if you are one of them and you could use a little support let BHT help you.


The Solution

 BHT Marketing Ltd have been working on telephones since 1997.

  • Finding new opportunities

We can work through databases quicker than you can.

15 calls are made each hour, based on excel formatted data. So in 10 hours, we will have called 150 companies.

At the end of each month, we send you a detailed report of progress.

As each appointment is booked, you are immediately notified.

  • Following up Proposals

We are not emotionally involved with your proposals.

Consequently, ringing to see if a decision has been made is not an issue for us.

If they want to talk things over, we will ask you to call them but first we will find out what the issue is.

Net result, you will be forewarned and, therefore, fore-armed,

  • Chasing invoices

A small amount of time to chase up slow payers each month reaps dividends for your cash-flow.

The client is politely reminded that the invoice is outstanding.

We ask that they send payment within 5 working days of the call.

At the end of each call we ask how things a going and leave of friendly terms.

A progress report is sent through to you or we call and talk it through.

Problem solved

You are no longer stressed, marketing is happening, business is being confirmned and your cashflow is being tightened up.

Want to know more?  

Ring 0808-172-1900 and we can talk through your needs.