The Issue.

 As we get back to work as the pandemic recedes there will be 101 things to do.

One of the most important areas is rebuilding the customer base.

We need to rebuild our relationships with existing contacts as well as trying to find new business to replace lost revenue.

With a smaller team to help you this is an horrendous task.


We can solve the problem.

 BHT is a telemarketing/call-handling agency which was established in 1997.

We have the experience and professionalism that can look after you in this crisis in two ways:

  • Telephoning existing contacts

We can make 15 calls each hour so we can call through your existing contact base quickly and efficiently and save you the time.

  • Dig-e-Tel © For new prospects.

 Our Dig-e-Tel © service van find companies that are looking for your service. In 3 months, we added over 250 contacts to our portfolio!

  • Call-handling to give you time.

While you are trying to do those 101 things, we can keep you undisturbed by taking any incoming calls for you. You can then return them later in the day.


Let us know how we can help you.


            Call 0808-172-1900