Is telemarketing the complete answer?

Trying to contact people during, and after, the pandemic has been extremely difficult.

Consequently, BHT developed a new marketing technique called Dig-e-Tel ©. You can find details at

In a nutshell it is a marketing technique that progresses through LinkedIn messaging to emails to telephone conversations and finally to client meetings.

However, Dig-e-Tel © does not replace telemarketing – it uses it.


How can telemarketing help you?

Telemarketing is still a very important tool in your marketing toolbox because:

  • It develops the personal touch – personality comes through and working relationships can start to be built.
  • Flexibility – issues can be raised, explanations given and matters discussed. 
  • Closing to the proposal – when all of the issues have been discussed it is the time to ask to submit a proposal.


When is telemarketing necessary?

 There are two occasions when only telemarketing will do:

  • Getting back in touch after the pandemic has receded to renew contacts and enquire whether you can be of service.
  • Talking to prospects in the final stages of a Dig-e-Tel © campaign to get to the proposal stage.


Are there skilled telemarketing agencies with years of experience?

  •  BHT Marketing Ltd has been conducting telemarketing since 1997.
  • A proven record of accomplishment.
  • Known for our gentle and polite approach.
  • Always fitting the service to your budget and your goals.
  • Our repeat clients will testify to our skill.


What to do next

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