What was the problem in 1997?

Telemarketing agencies made false promises.


How was the problem resolved?

BHT Marketing Ltd was founded in October 1997, to counter that problem.

We are based on integrity and honesty.

Our assessments are based on statistics and our experience.


What sort of campaigns are available?

Clients get an honest appraisal of what they can expect from each type of campaign.

  • Spot campaigns – 10 hours only at £35/hour and £105 set-up
  • 6-month campaigns – 10+ hours per month at £32.50/hour and £98 set-up
  • 12-month campaigns – 10+ hours per month at £30/hour and £90 set-up


How do we set campaigns up?

We discuss the aim of each campaign at the sales meeting.

We propose the appropriate approach for each campaign and budget.


How does each campaign work?

At the end of every month a progress report is produced and reviewed.



Our Guarantee and Promise.

With 6-12 month contracts, we amalgamate statistics after 800 calls..

We produce a table itemising each category from Appointment to Not Interested to Wrong data.

The percentages of theses categories then form the basis of our unique guarantee.

We guarantee that the monthly results will match the table.

If, for any reason, we miss the guarantee, we will work, at our own expense, until we do.


The Result.

A telemarketing service that people can trust.


What to do now.

Call us on 0808-172-1900 to talk through our part in your marketing campaign.