What is Recovery Marketing?

After the pandemic, every company needs to achieve two objectives:

  • Recover lost ground with existing/paused clients
  • Develop a prospect list to replace lost clients


Is this going to cost a lot?

We think we have a low-cost solution and this is it:

  • re-establish contact with existing/paused clients using a telemarketing agency like us
  • develop new prospect pipelines by using Dig-e-Tel ©.


Re-establishing contact with existing/paused clients

We can contact up to 15 people per hour.

In 10 hours we could make 150 calls which should give us enough time to call most of your existing contacts at least once.

This would cost you only £385 including a report.


Developing a new prospect pipeline using Dig-e-Tel ©.

Dig-e-Tel © works by progressively combining digital marketing with emailing and finally telephone conversations.

It establish which companies are interested in what you have to offer so we don’t waste time on the uninterested ones.


We have proved that it is a highly effective marketing tool.

In 3 months we developed a prospect list of over 250 contacts.

That is roughly one new interested contact every 25 minutes!

The percentage “interested rate varied through 3 markets from 9% to 21% to 26%. That’s far higher than we’ve experienced using telemarketing.

Using a steady trickle approach of 5 hours each week you could achieve similar results in your market.

This would cost you £840 each month including reports (fees include the cost of LinkedIn)

Of course, Dig-e-Tel © is a continuous process from initial introduction to client contract so it’s likely that you would want to continue.


Call us on 0808-172-1900 and we’ll talk you through it.