Deciding which marketing technique to use

It can be difficult deciding which marketing technique to use so here are the major pros and cons of each of these techniques

What is telemarketing

Very simply a client employs a telemarketing agency to obtain a database of the market they wish to penetrate.

The agency calls each company and finds out who they should talk to.

Having identified the contact name and position the agency tries to make contact and put the proposition.

Telemarketing Pros

  • Costs start from £385 per month
  • The prospect can have their queries answered in a telephone conversation
  • The level of interest and the timing of possible new business can be determined
  • Email addresses can be given so that follow-up emails can be sent
  • On average 5-15% interest is identified
  • Complies with TPS and GDPR
  • All client meetings are properly qualified


Telemarketing Cons

  • Databases are commercial vague and some companies can be mis-defined
  • Finding the appropriate person to talk to can be very difficult
  • Getting to talk to the right person can take several attempts
  • Calls can be intercepted by reception
  • 50% aren’t available the first time we ring so we must call again the following week
  • On average 30% of contacts are uncontactable in two calls


What is Dig-e-Tel ©

This marketing is a progressive use of digital, email and telemarketing.

The prospect is identified on LinkedIn and messaged with an offer of help to address a certain issue.

If the contacts link up further messages are sent followed by emails and finally a telephone conversation which should result in a client meeting.


Dig-e-Tel © Pros

  • Can always reach people away from the office as well as outside of office hours
  • Initial approach is a “no offence” offer of help if they are interested
  • 9 – 25% of companies link-up after the first message
  • Complies with GDPR
  • The client’s sphere of influence is rapidly expanded
  • E-mails can be sent with permission
  • Telephone /Video conversations lead to qualified meetings
  • Conversion to client is high because the preliminary work has already been done


Dig-e-Tel © Cons

  • Lowest costs recommended are £800 per month (Including the LinkedIn charges)
  • Newfound contacts can take up to 6 months to become interested in talking
  • No “personal” contact/conversation until later in the process



Like almost everything there is a right horse for a right course.

Telemarketing has it’s uses as a consolidator and personal arranger.

Dig-e-Tel © is a brilliant new opportunity finder


What to do Next

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