How do you win business into the future?

BHT are proposing Combination Campaigns.

First, we will call your existing and lapsed contacts and discuss the timing of possible new business.

Second, we deploy  Dig-e-Tel © to develop a list of new potential prospects.


The Result?

In one 6-month campaign you will have identified short term opportunities and built up a list of medium to long-term business prospects.


How does Dig-e-Tel © work?

Dig-e-Tel © is a progress marketing system developed by BHT Marketing Ltd.  We start with social media messaging on LinkedIn and then move into email correspondence and finally telephone conversations which leads to appointments for our clients.


What are the advantages of Dig-e-Tel © ?

  • More and more people work from home but social media messages reach them where-ever they are. Whilst it may be very difficult on the telephone.
  • We can target the right person in the right company in the right part of Europe.
  • By sending messages on LinkedIn you do not contravene GDPR regulations.
  • Only interested contacts Link with you so you’re half way there to start with.
  • The contacts can get to know your company before taking things further.
  • Once linked, emailing becomes possible with permission, and so you are inching forward whilst complying with the regulations about emailing.
  • All of the product/service selling is effectively done before any meeting takes place. So the prospects for success at that point are very good.
  • Warm relationships, with the right people in your target market are developed at the right tempo
  • Each step is polite and informative rather than selling
  • Conversations rather than sales pitches lead to new working business relationships.


So what should you do?

Have a 6-month contract from February.

  • 2.5 hours telemarketing each week will focus on your exiting clients and prospects, just touching base and seeing if there are any opportunities
  • 5 hours Dig-e-Tel © each week will focus on your target markets and identify new contacts and companies who are genuinely interested in what you do.
  • At the end of the 6 months you will have renewed and strengthened existing relationships and have developed a whole new group of contacts in different companies some of whom may be holding meetings with you already.


How much will this cost?

  • Telemarketing each month  will cost £350 plus £35 for the report
  • Dig-e-Tel © will cost £800 plus £40 for the report (Fees include the cost of LinkedIn)


What to do now

Ring 0808-172-1900 and we will talk you through the whole process. and we can arrange a trial.