How do you get the message out?


BHT Marketing Ltd began as a telemarketing agency and so we are bound to use telemarketing as one of our marketing tools.

Telemarketing maintains our contact with existing clients and prospects and comes into play at the end of the Dig-e-Tel ©.

However, we recognise that the best marketing campaigns utilise many different disciplines.

This give a greater chance of catching the attention of more people.

Social Media

We send out single line messages on Facebook every working day about each of our 3 services:

  • Telemarketing
  • Call-Handling
  • Dig-e-Tel ©

Social media maintains our “virtual shop window.”

We, and you,  need to make sure that people know “were still here”  whilst informing about our services.

Blogging allows more detail 

We blog each week about each of our 3 services and syndicate them through LinkedIn.

Dig-e-Tel ©

We developed this service during 2020 so that we, and our clients, could rebuild their prospect lists after the pandemic

This technique progressively combines social media messaging with emailing and finally telemarketing.

The result is a steadily growing contact base and more and more interest resulting in sales meetings.


If any of our services can help you get back up after the pandemic give us a call on 0808-172-1900 and we can talk you through it.