The Issue

Your client portfolio is probably not what it was.

You’ve probably had to reduce your staffing levels.

The budgets are very tight.

You need some new business to come in.


The Problem

How do you get more business when you can’t spend much to get it?


Help is at hand

BHT are helping by creating fixed price business support packages.

Call-handling and Credit Control service will take up to 20 calls per month and handle your credit control .

You can concentrate on getting your “front-end” going and not have to worry about answering the phone or chasing late payments.

The monthly cost of this support is £65 per month for one year

To this you can add any, or all, of the following in any combination:

  • 10 hours telemarketing
  • 10 hours Dig-e-Tel © marketing to extend your marketing reach
  • Cash-flow projections and monitoring
  • Business advice

Give us a ring on 0808 -172-1900 and we can talk through any service you are interested in.