How important is Telemarketing to the whole marketing process?


It is very important because a human voice adds that personal touch to the whole marketing process.

Digital marketing  is brilliant at the beginning of any marketing process because it can identifying target markets, the right contacts and can send appropriate messages.

e-mail marketing is brilliant at following digital marketing because it provides more detailed information to each interested prospect.

Telemarketing is so important after the emails have been sent because it can open a dialogue with the prospect.

Being able to talk over the phone allows the prospect to ask questions and find out more about the company and service.

It also begins to develop a working relationship at the end of which the prospect will have a “feel” for the company and be confident to take the next step.

The next step is that, all important, sales meeting.

The Comprehensive Answer

BHT believe that the best way forward in marketing is to combine these three marketing approaches and so we developed a service called Dig-e-Tel©.

Dig-e-Tel©. incorporates all three marketing techniques:

  1. Digital marketing to target and find the right contacts in the right companies, send enquiring messages and locate interested parties.
  2. Email marketing to provide the detailed information to those expressing an interest
  3. Telemarketing to facilitate the conversation and matching process to make sure that the prospect will be getting the service they want.


No one technique is better than a combination of all three in conjunction with regular social media messaging and blog writing on your website.


Is your marketing effort reduced because of staff and budget cuts?

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